“…for the benefit of future generations.”


Our Partners work hard to positively effect and improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities. They are innovative, responsive, and caring. They are collaborative and look for sustainable solutions. They align with our values and demonstrate how working together is providing solutions to overcome some of our community’s greatest challenges.

The Family Partnership

Expanding Opportunities for Youth and Families »

The Family Partnership is a multi-cultural family service organization whose mission is building strong families, vital communities and better futures for children. The Family Partnership’s multicultural therapeutic preschools in North and Southcentral Minneapolis provide young children, whose healthy development has been impaired by trauma, adversity and poverty, with a whole-child/whole-family approach. Through year-round, accredited, early education program and child development therapies (speech, occupational, physical and play), children with measurable cognitive, language or social-emotional delays make remarkable progress. After receiving culturally affirming, evidence-based education and therapies, 80 to 90 percent of little scholars score ready for kindergarten. Parents receive education and support needed to sustain their children’s family and improve their life circumstances.

“Support from the Mortenson Family Foundation is critical to our ability to sustain and improve our work with families living in poverty, who cannot otherwise afford the high-quality education and support services they need for their own prosperity, and to close the equity gaps that exist in the Twin Cities. The Family Partnership shares the Mortenson Family Foundation’s belief that ‘good things happen’ when people work together in partnership for a common purpose.”

Molly Greenman

Friends of the Mississippi River

Friends of the Mississippi River

Sustaining Environmental Systems »

Friends of the Mississippi River engages citizens to protect, restore and enhance the Mississippi River and its watershed in the Twin Cities region. Since 1993, FMR has worked with public and private landowners, local governments and concerned individuals to help make the Twin Cities a model for watershed planning and decision-making that improves and protects water quality. In September 2016, FMR and the National Park Service released an updated edition of the State of the River Report that highlights 14 key indicators of river health and factors that impact swimming, fishing, river life and ecological health. The report received broad state and national media attention. Read the report and its companion stewardship, policy and teacher's guides to learn how you can help the river today at http://stateoftheriver.com/

“Friends of the Mississippi River began with a simple impulse — love. We care deeply about the health of the river and understand that people won’t act to protect something unless they love it. We're grateful to the Mortenson Family Foundation for understanding and supporting our work to inspire people’s affection for this natural treasure and turn that affinity into action to protect it.”

Whitney Clark
Executive Director

New Hope

Strengthening Developing Communities »

New Hope Village was born in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch in 1999, when Common Hope relocated families in Guatemala City to a safe new place to live that offered access to quality education and family development programs. The successful New Hope Village model has continued to grow and now serves over 250 families.

New Hope elementary students consistently meet national standards and advance to the next grade level at higher rates than the national average. After elementary school, Common Hope supports middle and high school age children in continuing their quality education by attending area public and private schools. The programs and interventions developed and fostered by Common Hope at New Hope Village have given families the essential tools needed to break the cycle of poverty into the future.

“The Mortenson Family Foundation’s philosophy of learning, serving and creating opportunities parallels our mission of creating hope through opportunity for the children and families we serve in Guatemala. Together we make education possible and we are grateful for our partnership because it not only makes an immediate impact for children and families, but is also an investment in generational change for a lifetime.”

Shari Blindt
Executive Director


Impact Investment »

Asili is a business startup co-created by the American Refugee Committee, USAID international partners and Congolese families to deliver essential services – clean water, quality health care, and an agricultural cooperative - at affordable prices. Located physically in villages and supplemented virtually with the help of technology, Asili now includes three health clinics, a clean water distribution system and an agricultural cooperative to help farmers increase their yields and incomes.

These services were once delivered only through development aid, which made them dependent upon foreign aid budgets and, oftentimes unreliable. Asili has connected these services to the market by offering individuals monthly membership that allows access to the services at a reduced price, and ensures the services are reliable and available when local communities need them.

“The Mortenson Family Foundation’s support has been absolutely essential. They’ve helped to get our breakthrough social enterprise – Asili – off the ground. And they’ve ensured that we’ve been able to grow Asili to a point where it’s truly changing lives in Congo. Importantly, they’ve joined us at a time that is crucial not just for Congo, but for the future of humanitarian aid itself – they’re helping to lead us into the future.”

Daniel Wordsworth
President and CEO

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