The Mortenson Family Foundation concentrates on three priority areas: Expanding Opportunities for Children and Families, Sustaining Environmental Systems, and Strengthening Developing Communities.


Expanding Opportunities for Children and Families

Geography: Minneapolis and St. Paul

To address the complex issues facing families and communities living in poverty, we believe that education is key. Support is given to help children and families in urban neighborhoods seize opportunities that provide comprehensive and critical support along a continuum of learning.

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Sustaining Environmental Systems

Geography: Minnesota

Engaging communities in creating sustainable practices is critical to conserving one of Minnesota’s greatest resources, water. Support is given to sustainable watershed solutions that protect habitat and biodiversity as well as improve the quality and availability of our water.

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Strengthening Developing Communities

Geography: Africa and Central America

In developing communities across the world, families living in poverty face challenges to access economic opportunities, education, housing, and healthcare. Support is given to designing and implementing solutions, in partnership with communities, that can be sustained for future generations.

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We seek to use our assets – both the 5% we use to make grants and the 95% we use to grow the Foundation - to achieve our goals. To learn more about our Financial Investments, see Impact Investments.

Funding by Invitation

For interests that are outside of its three priority areas, the Foundation invites selected nonprofit organizations to participate in a separate funding process, typically twice a year. Invited organizations will receive information on the grant process directly from the Foundation.