In 1999, Alice and Mort Mortenson created the Mortenson Family Foundation as an expression of gratitude – for the privilege of living and working in a vital and vibrant community, and for the great joy our family brings to our lives. The Foundation offers our family an opportunity to work together to make a positive, lasting difference in our communities for generations to come. Each family member plays a pivotal role in our work, contributing skills and experiences to benefit our communities.

St. Paul Promise Neighborhood
St. Paul Promise Neighborhood

We engage individual compassion and interests as stewards, rooted in shared values, to work, learn, and do something remarkable together.

Board of Directors

Alice Mortenson

Chris Mortenson

Dana Mortenson

David Mortenson

Kate Mortenson

Katie Mortenson

Mark Mortenson

Mauritz A. Mortenson

Mathias Mortenson

Nathalie Mortenson

Board Officers

Alice Mortenson, Chair

Mauritz A. Mortenson, Vice President

Mark Mortenson, Secretary

Randy Jenson, Treasurer

Donna Dalton, Executive Director (Ex-Officio)


The Mortenson Family Foundation was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as the means for the family to join together to express their common values.

1999 – 2009
In its first decade, the Foundation provided grants to local, national, and international charitable organizations that represent the family members' interest in a variety of areas.  

The Board of Directors formalized the Foundation’s systems and structure. Donna Dalton joined the Foundation as Executive Director. The Foundation began a three-year planning process for its grantmaking programs.  

The Foundation celebrated its 15-year anniversary and the milestone of cumulatively providing 375 grants to organizations. The Foundation continues to strengthen its understanding of how to best help communities.

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