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Our voice matters. Our action matters more.

As we reflect upon the year since George Floyd’s murder, we realize that it is not only the immediate as well as distant pasts that need to be remembered, but also the future that continuously needs to be shaped for a more just world, one without Anti-Blackness, racism, and gun violence. While this past year has held pain and heaviness, we also recognize that it has held hope and a sense of solidarity for many.

At our Foundation, we continue to deepen our commitments to partnership WITH community. Last year, in addition to using our voices and working every day to create systems that work for ALL – we committed to action, through increasing the grants that support work by and for the community, increasing investments in and with communities of color, and making every daily choice that we have with equity in mind.

As we work together to build a better future for all, we hold close to our hearts George Floyd's family, the families of those who have lost loved ones due to racism and gun violence, our partners, and all that have felt the trauma because of hate and violence.

Amidst all the heartbreak and trauma, we are thankful to our partners and their work to help us meet our mission in strengthening community-driven approaches that advance equity, opportunity, and sustainable systems. We are committed to change and we are inspired by the hope, solidarity, and commitment to building a more just world together.

“When good things happen, it is the result of the efforts of good people working together, united in a common purpose.”

Mort and Alice Mortenson

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