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Our voice matters. Our action matters more.

We are grieving for George Floyd, an African-American man whose life was inhumanely taken from him. We are keeping his family and friends in our thoughts and prayers. We are grieving with a community that has, once again, been shown that racism can and does take lives, whether it is the social, political and economic aspects of lives or whether it is truly the breath from a body. Our grief comes with anger and frustration. We are angry that senseless deaths of black, indigenous and people of color continue to happen. We are angry that law enforcement systems are harming rather than protecting the people that they are built to serve.

And, after using our voice to express our grief and anger, we need action. We need to change the systems that cause irreparable harm to BIPOC communities. And to ensure that change happens now AND is sustainable, the actions need to come from deeply held values and beliefs. We need to make our commitment to action during a time of grief and anger and then we need to work on it every day of every year – not just those days that our grief and anger provide the energy to dismantle racism. We will carry George’s memory with us as we continue and deepen our commitment to creating an equitable and inclusive community through increasing the grants that support work by and for community, increasing investments in and with communities of color, and making every daily choice we have with equity in mind.

“When good things happen, it is the result of the efforts of good people working together, united in a common purpose.”

Mort and Alice Mortenson

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