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Our voice matters. Our action matters more.

In this moment, we carry many emotions. We feel relief that there was accountability for the murder of George Floyd. We feel rage at the anti-Black racism that continues to unjustly take Black lives, such as Duante Wright’s. We feel anger that police once again murdered another person of color, Mario Gonzalez, a 26-year old Latino man. We feel grief for the families and communities continuously affected by racism and violence. And, we feel hope that we are joined by other changemakers wanting to create systems that are inclusive, anti-racist, and equitable for all people.

We need to ensure that change continues to happen AND that the change is sustainable. We use our voices, we commit to action, and we work every day to create systems that work for ALL – through increasing the grants that support work by and for community, increasing investments in and with communities of color, and making every daily choice that we have with equity in mind.

“When good things happen, it is the result of the efforts of good people working together, united in a common purpose.”

Mort and Alice Mortenson

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